Faculty of Automation, Computers,
Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Romanian language

The Faculty of Automation, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Electronics proposes a range of study programmes in consensus with the requirements of the knowledge and technology - based society.

The programmes offer young people from the Southeastern region of Romania the opportunity to do higher education in the region, in the top engineering fields and in conditions of quality learning process traditionally built at "Dunarea de Jos" University.

Proposed programmes of study take place at all levels and forms of university education:

  • bachelor studies(4 years)
  • master studies (2 years)
  • PhD studies (3 years)
  • postgraduate studies of continuous training
  • training and professional conversion courses

All programmes of study offer students the opportunity to carry out internships in companies of related profiles.

Graduates of the programmes of study proposed by the faculty have the opportunity to be employed by:

  • companies, state or private institutions in Romania or abroad, research and development institutes
  • agencies or various bodies of the European Community
  • large companies of related profile from European countries, the United States or Canada.