Faculty of Automation, Computers,
Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Romanian language

The mission of the Faculty of Automation, Computers, Electrical Engineering and Electronics is defined by two directions of activity, education and research, and is complemented by the social role it plays in the local and regional geographical space.

Unique by its profile in the South-East of the country, the Faculty offers high-school graduates the necessary conditions to acquire skills and competences in the areas of Automation, Computer Science and Information Technology, Electrical Engineering and Electronic Engineering.

The educational activity carried out at the faculty aims at the training of highly qualified specialists able to integrate and capitalize on their skills in industry, research or other areas of economic and social life.

The curricula developed in the faculty are based on the pedagogical principle of combining the theoretical aspects with the applicative ones in order to develop those competences and abilities that will ensure graduates' access to elite professional positions in institutions or companies.

The curricula proposed for the fields of study of the faculty comply with the national and international educational standards and are in accordance with the requirements of the labor market. The faculty provides the appropriate framework for training that facilitates graduate access to a job immediately after graduation, on equal bases with young people from other European countries.

The results of the research work carried out by the Teachers Teams and Master's or PhD students in the Faculty are capitalized by organizing conferences, participating in national and international scientific events, or publishing articles in magazines indexed in international databases. Participating with projects in competitions to obtain funding through grants, making international partnerships or partnerships  with regional economic units to capitalize on research results and technology transfer is a characteristic of the research activity carried out in the faculty.

From a social point of view, the Faculty of Automation, Computers, Electrical Engineering and Electronics serves the South-Eastern geographical region of Romania, comprising the counties of Galati, Brăila, Vrancea and Tulcea, with a population of over 1 million inhabitants. This region is one of the country's major economic areas, but is currently facing problems of re-industrialization and professional adaptation of the labor force. In this context, the study programs proposed by the Faculty of Automation, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Electronics offer to the young people from the South-East of Romania the possibility of doing higher education studies in the region, in high technology areas and under the conditions of quality educational process, traditionally built conditions at "Dunărea de Jos" University. The necessity of modernizing and refurbishing some economic units in the area, as well as the establishment of new companies or subsidiaries of large companies in the country and abroad, led to an increase in the demand for graduates from the specializations of the faculty.

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning a performance indicator of the faculty: the higher degree of employability of the graduates of the faculty in local and national institutions and companies, or in large international companies.