Faculty of Automation, Computers,
Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Romanian language

Bachelor studies – 4 years of study, the engineer's diploma is obtained

  • Programme of study:
    • Computer science

Master studies – 2 years of study, master's degree is obtained

  • Programme of study:
    • Advanced Information Technology

PhD studies –3 years of study, PhD diploma is obtained in the field of study: Computer Science and Information Technology 


Professional knowledge and skills in:

  • languages, techniques and development tools for programs;
  • computer architecture, operating systems;
  • networks and network application design;
  • data management, graphics and multimedia, web development;
  • computer systems development, IT project management;
  • embedded systems, artificial intelligence.

Conditions and training opportunities:

  • network of 150 high performance computers, high speed Internet connection;
  • national and international scholarships and internships;
  • internships in local, national and international companies;
  • possibility of obtaining Oracle certificates, CISCO.