Faculty of Automation, Computers,
Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Romanian language

Bachelor studies – 4 years of study, the engineer's diploma is obtained

  • Programme of study:
    • Applied Electronics

Master studies – 2 years of study, master's degree is obtained

  • Programme of study:
    • Advanced Electronic Systems.

PhD studies –3 years of study, PhD diploma is obtained in the field of study: Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications and Informational Technologies


Professional knowledge and skills in:

  • modern electronic equipment used in industrial processes and automated manufacturing lines;
  • microprocessors, signal processors, microcontrollers and related software applications;
  • communications equipment and systems that receive, process and transmit information;
  • electronic and computer systems for medical and multimedia applications.

Training opportunities and conditions:

  • national and international scholarships and internships;
  • laboratories with professional equipment and appliances;

internships in local, national and international companies;