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Electrical Engineering and Electronics

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Automated Process Control Systems" Research Center (SCAP) was established in 2001, within the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, the department of Automatic, Industrial and Electronic Informatics.

The field of research includes: Modeling, identification and simulation, Dynamic systems with discrete events, Optimization, Systems theory, Real time systems, Continuous process control systems, Automation regulation, Optimal control, Robot control systems, Manufacturing, Intelligent Control Systems, Adaptive and Robust Systems. The research center is institutionally accredited and is structured on two laboratories as follows:

  • Laboratory "Automatic Bioprocess Control Systems, including Biological Wastewater Treatment" – research directions:
    • Bioprocesses modeling;
    • Estimation of status and parameters in bioprocesses;
    • Advanced automated control of biotechnological processes;
  • Laboratory "Nonlinear Processes Control Systems"research directions:
    • Driving and optimizing processes with discrete events;
    • Driving and identifying nonlinear processes.

Areas of research and competences:

  • Techniques of analytical and experimental modeling of processes;
  • Advanced Process Control Techniques (adaptive, optimal, robust, linear sliding mode, etc.);
  • Artificial intelligence techniques in process management;
  • Design of linear and nonlinear estimators for status and parameter estimation;
  • Process diagnosis techniques;

Advanced control techniques for mobile robots and robotic manipulators.