Faculty of Automation, Computers,
Electrical Engineering and Electronics

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The institutionally accredited Research Center for Integrated Energy Conversion Systems and Advanced Complex Process Management - SICECAPC, was established in 2013. The precursors were: „Advanced Automated Process Control Systems "- by certificate no. 35 / CC-C-2001 and„Computerized Electromechanical Systems in the Naval Domain”- SEIDN - by certificate no.142/CC-C-2002.

The research-development infrastructure and the research facilities provided by the research labs:

Microtrigeneration systems- ECO house

Wind and photovoltaic systems / microcogeneration systems

Energy quality and energy efficiency of centralized and decentralized networks

Recuperative electrical drive systems

Automatic control of wind energy conversion systems / optimization of electromechanical conversion to classical receivers

Controlling flexible manufacturing lines and integrated robots

Main areas of research-innovation and competences in Electrical Engineering and Systems Engineering:

  • industrial research: prototyping integration and testing, studies, dissemination of scientific results
  • Applied research: Designing. Functional tests. Realization of prototypes. Elaboration of presentation and usage manuals,
  • dissemination of scientific results
  • research / educational innovation: technological entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial skills development, technological innovation

Research Offer: development of programs, studies, projects on energy efficiency and quality of electricity, power electronics, modern electric drives, flexible manufacturing lines, robotics, electric vehicles, wind and photovoltaic sources, defectoscopy and predictive and preventive maintenance of AC electric cars.

More details: https://erris.gov.ro/Integrated-Energy-Conversion